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Warm beer.

Warm beer. Yup… we all know what that means around here. Sandra has the flu. She is very unhappy about it as she gets cross about being sick. But she also got her Physiology marks back today and was awarded … Continue reading

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All fluey, poor little me…

On Friday I started feeling twinges of not so niceness; and decided to take it easy and not to go to shul. On Shabbat I did not move out of bed, hardly at all… On Sunday I spent most of … Continue reading

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I have had Tzoras of late. Swaziland went well but I worked about 12 hours a day; and slept very little getting everything done. On the plane on the way home I saw the dreaded petichiae on my arms. I … Continue reading

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so it goes…

I am going into hospital again tomorrow morning for another treatment. They give it to me over twelve hours through a drip. I will sleep over in the hospital. I also have two Unisa exams. One on Thursday and one … Continue reading

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It’s just passed midnight…. and Sandra is sitti…

It’s just passed midnight…. and Sandra is sitting working on her puzzle. I mean literally. She is sitting on the puzzle itself; well kneeling with her hands supporting her as she contemplates the puzzle and its pieces. Occasionally picking up … Continue reading

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What a roller coaster

LeeWithAmusingExpression Originally uploaded by ilanpillemer. Here a nice picture of my cousine lee-anne. Anyways… let me tell you about my platelet roller coaster. On Wednesday two weeks ago I went for a blood test because I had a bruise and … Continue reading

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Long Weekend coming up!

I have a spider bite or something that was worrying me, so I took a walk across the road to the hospital to ask if I should worry or not. Sandra came rushing after me, very excited that they may … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

So it goes…. Its January and things are starting to happen again at work. After I finish off at work today I hope to pick up my book list for next years Bsc courses at UNISA. I have ITP, and … Continue reading

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