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Adii proves Bullard correct.. (or immorality in the South African Blogosphere)

Adii has decided to take up cybersquatting as an opportunistic money-making strategy… As he said… Well, firstly I figured that if Bullard had neglected to register the domains, he might come knocking on my door and I’d make a quick … Continue reading

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I have recently found twitter and been amazed. To really appreciate it, check out twittervision. later….

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Ever wanted to own a hexadecimal 128 bit number?

Well.. over at there is a hilarious post on why, if you don’t already have one, you need to hurry up in getting sorted as they are going fast. And here is a link to a specialised machine for … Continue reading

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Amatomu Ranking Ribbon – Hacked!

NB: Vincent and Matthew have finally realised someone is being mischevious. There is not much time left for amusement. They are currently fiddling with the name of link. They just changed the name ribbon_white.swf to ribbon.swf. This is obviously just … Continue reading

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Warm beer.

Warm beer. Yup… we all know what that means around here. Sandra has the flu. She is very unhappy about it as she gets cross about being sick. But she also got her Physiology marks back today and was awarded … Continue reading

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Amatomu vs Afrigator: Some thoughts

Well.. first I want to say how pleased I am that some heads have bothered to focus the rather disparate on-line energy in South Africa by creating these two aggregators. However I find that Amatomu is definitely in the lead. … Continue reading

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