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Something to think about….

According to Maimonides, all of Jewish law aims at two things: the improvement of the body and the improvement of the soul. The former is in every case a means to the latter. The soul is improved by acquiring correct … Continue reading

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Tefillin embarassment.

This morning I walked three times up and down the stairs. I unlocked and locked the door five times. And I asked Sandra where she put my tefillin three times. I fussed. I complained. I made a nuisance of myself. … Continue reading

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A Soulometer

Sandra and I were discussing the difference between the physical and the spiritual. And the religious (or perhaps philosphical) idea under discussion was that something purely spiritual can not be physical in any way. The discussion had been inspired by … Continue reading

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All fluey, poor little me…

On Friday I started feeling twinges of not so niceness; and decided to take it easy and not to go to shul. On Shabbat I did not move out of bed, hardly at all… On Sunday I spent most of … Continue reading

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