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Must find a job, no time to blog…

Stevie has been in London for almost a week now, and at his blog he has only given us tidbits of stories. When asked to provide us more tales he responded:- Must find a job, no time to blog..

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Ever wanted to own a hexadecimal 128 bit number?

Well.. over at there is a hilarious post on why, if you don’t already have one, you need to hurry up in getting sorted as they are going fast. And here is a link to a specialised machine for … Continue reading

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Tefillin embarassment.

This morning I walked three times up and down the stairs. I unlocked and locked the door five times. And I asked Sandra where she put my tefillin three times. I fussed. I complained. I made a nuisance of myself. … Continue reading

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Self Control.

I said “Well its what I want to do…” Sandra said “If did what I wanted to do I would eat a tub of ice-cream everyday.” Sandra added “Well, maybe only half-a-tub”. Sandra then concluded, certain that she had won … Continue reading

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Sir Richard Burton

Sandra said to me “Is there only one Sir Richard Burton?”. I said “Yes. I would suppose so.” She said “The owner of Virgin Airlines can read Sanskrit?” I said “That is Sir Richard Branson.”

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Amatomu Ranking Ribbon – Hacked!

NB: Vincent and Matthew have finally realised someone is being mischevious. There is not much time left for amusement. They are currently fiddling with the name of link. They just changed the name ribbon_white.swf to ribbon.swf. This is obviously just … Continue reading

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I trust you will be able to rectify this problem…

Well we just got the new car back again from Daihatsu workshop… I really am hoping its all working properly now (but I am not holding my breath.) [Addition 7 May 2007] Well, $#%# the car is not fixed. Tonight … Continue reading

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A Soulometer

Sandra and I were discussing the difference between the physical and the spiritual. And the religious (or perhaps philosphical) idea under discussion was that something purely spiritual can not be physical in any way. The discussion had been inspired by … Continue reading

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its hot in here with the door closed…

Sandra and I have been studying all evening in the study. Its hot in here without air-conditioning and the door closed. Under normal circumstances the door into a stuffy study would be open. But in the middle of the night … Continue reading

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Vroom Vroom

Charade Side Originally uploaded by ilanpillemer. Finally. Yes.. Finally Sandra has a car. We have been going for regular drives around the neighbourhood. Here is a sample itinerary of one of these drives. Down to the supermarket. Park. Back to … Continue reading

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