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Amatomu vs Afrigator: Some thoughts

Well.. first I want to say how pleased I am that some heads have bothered to focus the rather disparate on-line energy in South Africa by creating these two aggregators. However I find that Amatomu is definitely in the lead. … Continue reading

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Irritating Afrigator Bug

I have now sent this error report to Afrigator. Lets see if they resolve. Hi. I originally created my blog as I have since migrated my blog to I have changed the information in my blog profile. Both … Continue reading

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Getting Settled

Well I have been finding my way around this WordPress blogging technology. I had to download a plug-in, and then do some editing of the .php files in order to get my list of blogs on the top right of … Continue reading

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A Soulometer

Sandra and I were discussing the difference between the physical and the spiritual. And the religious (or perhaps philosphical) idea under discussion was that something purely spiritual can not be physical in any way. The discussion had been inspired by … Continue reading

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And I have begun the transition….

Well… after blogger deleted my template so unceremoniously and too easily; and since I always regretted not having originally started using wordpress blogging technology… I decided to to make the move now…. So welcome to my new blog address … Continue reading

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MAT111N has been one of those repeating frustrations. I have registered for it three times already in the past; and never… never… never managed to get the first assignment in. And then realising that as the work piled up, and … Continue reading

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All fluey, poor little me…

On Friday I started feeling twinges of not so niceness; and decided to take it easy and not to go to shul. On Shabbat I did not move out of bed, hardly at all… On Sunday I spent most of … Continue reading

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its hot in here with the door closed…

Sandra and I have been studying all evening in the study. Its hot in here without air-conditioning and the door closed. Under normal circumstances the door into a stuffy study would be open. But in the middle of the night … Continue reading

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I was playing around pressing buttons in blogger and accidently deleted my template… I have been rushing around trying to make my blog semi-presentable again.. Geez… Well I have to stop now.. at least the panic has subsided a little … Continue reading

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sierpinski blur

I have written a little program that creates this blurry sierpinski gasket. I have written it in C. So if you are interested in that sort of thing here is a link to the code.

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