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Permanent Staff Salaries from ITWeb’s 2007 Survey of the IT Industry… follow this link to read more analysis. Job function Lower quartile Median Upper quartile 90th percentile Maximum reported Business analyst 16,338 22,396 28,375 33,342 49,120 Call centre specialist 8,875 … Continue reading

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Honolulu Mesh

Honolulu Mesh Originally uploaded by ilanpillemer. After spending hours on this feeling like my mind was going to turn into spaghetti, finally I got it working…. I spent 5 hours last night getting nowhere (well I guess learning what was … Continue reading

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Must find a job, no time to blog…

Stevie has been in London for almost a week now, and at his blog he has only given us tidbits of stories. When asked to provide us more tales he responded:- Must find a job, no time to blog..

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Married and Stable…

Sandra wondered this morning why they did not appoint a person who was married and in a stable relationship to the head of the World Bank. Though, to be honest, Wolfowitz’s argument and reasoning seems fine to me.. Wolfowitz has … Continue reading

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Adii proves Bullard correct.. (or immorality in the South African Blogosphere)

Adii has decided to take up cybersquatting as an opportunistic money-making strategy… As he said… Well, firstly I figured that if Bullard had neglected to register the domains, he might come knocking on my door and I’d make a quick … Continue reading

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Well Stevie is off to London…

Well Stevie has left for London and as a good luck and good adventure gift I have set up a new blog for him… check it out and follow his adventures in London here… Stevie is an up and coming … Continue reading

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I have recently found twitter and been amazed. To really appreciate it, check out twittervision. later….

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Missionaries and Cannibals

I have just finished writing a program in C that solves the missionaries and cannibals problem.

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Ever wanted to own a hexadecimal 128 bit number?

Well.. over at there is a hilarious post on why, if you don’t already have one, you need to hurry up in getting sorted as they are going fast. And here is a link to a specialised machine for … Continue reading

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Oh No. Ronnie… how could you?

I just received this disturbing press release…. Awrgghhh…. The South African Zionist Federation Media Release 3 May 2007 Palestinian PM of Hamas invited to South Africa by Minister Kasrils The South African Zionist Federation views with grave concern the invitation … Continue reading

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