Mom and Dad have invested in property in the Simbithi development up the North Coast of Natal.

Although Sandra and I have often heard stories about the development…

Such as the difficulty of choosing if the floors should be wooden or tiled; and… what colour the fitting in the kitchen should be. And whether a wall should be here,… or there.

Lots of discussions and lots of decisions.

But Sandra and I have only heard these dicussions; for until yesterday we had never seen the development or the progress in the building of the flat my parents have bought.

Well, this Sunday we went up to take a look. Well I had my telephone with me so I took my pictures with my cellphone camera.

We also took a look at the area where a retirement resort is being built within the development. This development looks like it will be a little village with horse riding, boating, fishing, water sports, golf and all sorts of bird life and wild life. It will have retirement suburbs and residential suburbs and holiday suburbs. Its quite exciting to see how much development is happening in Natal and in South Africa at the moment.

Aftwerwards we went to the shopping center right next to the development for a delicious lunch at an excellent Portuguese restaurant.

Throughout the afternoon I took photographs of the flats in all stages of development. I took some photographs of the views. I took some photographs of the plans and adverts for the retirment complex. I also took some photographs of the shopping center nearby where we went for lunch.

Click on the link (Click Me!) to see the slideshow of the photographs.

It could be quite a lovely place for a holiday on the North Coast.

I hope you enjoy the photographs! (Not bad for a phone, hey?)


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