Sandra has passed both her semesterised courses!

Sandra just phoned me breathless with excitement to tell me that she had passed physiology.

Physiology is a one semester course on complex medical knowledge about the make-up of the human body. It is a required course to have passed to be permitted to continue to second year in Homeopathy. Or in other words, if she had failed this course it would have meant that an extra year would need to be added to her entire course; as certain necessary second year courses require the completion of this course.

I glanced at her text book; and I did not know most words; as it is written in scientific jargon.

So Sandra, not only had to learn academic English in order to understand the material; not only to follow along in lectures in a language that is not her mother tongue; but she had to learn long strange words that to me seem unpronounceable.

She did all of that; against very difficult odds!

Not only this….

In her other semesterised course – philosophy of homeopathay – she got a first!

This means that not only did she excel in understanding philosophical ideas taught in English; but also, that she could successfully express and demonstrate in depth and accurate knowledge about these ideas in English.

Anyway, since she got this information phoned through to her by one of the other students; she says she needs to go down to the technikon this afternoon to see for herself these wonderful marks. She was so excited that her voice was wobbling a little bit.

Quite a nice way to start our holiday.


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