time goes by

hmm. It feels like I have been back at work for ages. The last week I have been going to sleep after midnight every night as I have been working hard at the last assignment in the one computer programming course I am studying this year. I have been writing funny little programmes in Java. I have been trying to find a way to put them on the internet but have not yet found a suitable server yet.

Sandra has also been up late studying, as she had three difficult tests this week. Its been a very stressful week for her, but she is enjoying the work and the pressure. This semester she starts learning about homeopathic remedies; and if she passes this particular course she will get to have her own homeopathic first-aid kit to take home. She really wants this kit; and is very excited about it.

We went to see Charlie and the Chocalate factory last night. I really enjoyed Johnny Depp. He is from another world.

There is something wrong with out kitchen sink. Something is blocked somewhere in the pipes. I have no idea about how plumbing works – ugggg.

This weekend I will be working on assignments most of the time.


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