Sandra just phoned me all excited, as she just discovered that for her last Physics test she got an amazing 74% – which means that her year mark for Physics is 68%.
She also got an average of 72% for her anatomy tests!

Not so long ago she was all despondent about Physics and felt that she had no hope in doing well enough to be allowed to sit for the final exams.

Well, it seems that its only Chemistry that is still unknown and a big worry.

She should know by the end of the day.

And on a more frustrated note something has gone wrong with my telephone line at home. It is not working. The technician is going to come tomorrow morning to take a look.

And on a more organised note I have organised a new passport. (my old passport was expiring in December). I now have a South Africa passport valid until 2015.

Sandra’s passport has expired; and she has not yet got round to doing something about that.

[UPDATE]: Sandra says that this is not true. She has phoned them and they say she has to wait until someone gets back from holiday somewhere else before she can apply for a new passport etc. She says they also said that a temporary passport should be possible.

Thats a bit of a worry as we were thinking of going to visit Germany in late January to congratulate the newlyweds. Hopefully she will be able to sort something out.


[UPDATE]: Sandra has her DP for chemistry. So she can write all the exams.

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