Phone fixed

Well at last after 5 days without a phone our phone is now working again.

Last week we discovered that our phone was no longer working. I called Telkom and informed them that there was a problem that needed to be fixed. (I called them on the 5th.) I told them that there would only be people at home on the 5th and on the 7th. But that there would be no-one here on the the 6th.

Of course, on the 6th, I got a phone call at 8:30 am from Telkom technician.

“Hello, I am outside your flat.”

Anyways, he said he would come back on the 7th.

Of course he did not. I phoned three times on the 7th.

Eventually someone turned up on the 8th. He looked at the line. He did things with his special telkom equipment. He concluded that the problem was not with our line but with the exchange. He said it would be fixed in 1/2 an hour.

Of course it was not.

I phoned Telkom again later on the 8th. I phoned again on the 9th. On the 9th the operator who answered the phone said she would escalate the problem to management.

On the 10th at 8:30am I got a call from Telkom management promising me he would personally make sure the problem was resolved.

1 hour later it was – apparently some piece of equipment somewhere somehow stopped working.

Anyways, I have a working phone again. After almost a week without a phone. Yay.

Tomorrow I write my first of 5 UNISA exams. Structured System Analysis.


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