Ancient Persian Custom

Apparently the Persians before they would serve their meals would bring out a silver tray to display to all diners. On the tray would be a whip and a scale. All diners would have some time to meditate on these two items; and then the actual food would be be brought out to enjoy. These two items were meant to lead one to eat with modesty and with forethought; so one would not eat what was not suitable to each individuals constitution and one would not eat out of balance with one’s needs.

When I told Sandra about this interesting custom she thought perhaps we should emulate the Persian way and take this ancient tradition up ourselves. But its not possible as we cannot afford to buy a silver tray at the moment.

I have now written two out of five exams and feel saitisifed that I did all right. I have a third tomorrow. Sandra writes her first exam tomorrow – Chemistry. This is the subject she struggled with the most; so I am relieved that it will be out the way quickest so that her tension dissipates a little.

She has just been for a stroll to relax a bit; and has just returned to tell me that according to the fact that I am not studying “my lovely husband has ten minutes for me”.

so, until later…

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