Well Done Sandra!!!

Sandra just got an SMS from her Biology lecture. Actually she got it from an unknown number so she called it and then aplogised profusely for three minutes, aplogising for disturbing her Biology lecture so late at night.

Sandra wrote Biology last week and came home a bit distressed and concerned and asking questions if she got 40% for her test, and 74.8% for her year mark; will they let her through the year. She was complaining constantly about how unfair the exam was; and that the questions were obscure and did not truly test students’ knowledge. She was also very frustrated with the number of questions presented in a multiple choice format; which involved subtle differences in the English descriptions of biological processes; which she found frustrating.


She got 75%…

Yes! Thats what the SMS from her Biology teacher was informing her!

So in a foreign language, in difficult acamedic English, involving learning vast tracts of information; involving writing paragraphs in English to describe subtle complicated processes –
Sandra was awarded a distinction.

So Sandra is quite clearly a super super super woman!

Lucky me to have such a star by my side!


(Lets hope the same effect occurs in other courses.)

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