What a roller coaster

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Here a nice picture of my cousine lee-anne.

Anyways… let me tell you about my platelet roller coaster.

On Wednesday two weeks ago I went for a blood test because I had a bruise and the test came back in the 40s. Not good. Anyways, continued along as normal and tested again on Friday afternoon.

My count was 18k.

I wanted to beat my head through the wall.

I phoned my haemotologist and she first thought I should go onto cortisone, and asked me if I wanted to go into hospital and get it intravenously.

I said, I only have petichiae on my feet, lets wait until the symptoms get worse. She made me swear that if I had nose bleedings, headache etc I must go straight to Emergency and that I must not pass Begin. I agreed.

Oh. That night there was an already organised birthday party/shabbas dinner; which I went to and tried to not be despondent – but I was soooooooooo tired suddenly.

On Saturday morning I tested again….

19k. It was up

I phoned the doctor and she said OK I don’t have to take cortisone yet. But she doubted it would lift and we would have to make some kind of call on Monday as she believes anything below 20k should be treated aggressively.

I spent the day in bed.

Sunday morning I did a count.
19k again.

I studied the Talmud in the evening on illness and sickness. Tracate Brachot page 4 or 5.
I slept and dreamt that night. I dreamt that I looked at my feet and there were no petichiae.

I woke up and immediately checked my ankle and feet, I couldn’t see ANY petichiae. I moved into bright light… and… they were still there except a bit fainter.

I tested and my count was 27k

I was ecstatic. This meant I was above 20k and the doctor would not make me treat. I saw the doctor that morning, she said she doubted I would go above 50k and she wrote a letter of motivation to the medical insurance for a treatment of Mabthera (I have been in remission for 1 1/2 years since I took Mabthera.)

I then phoned the medical insurance every day pushing to get the medication authorised. (I will write more on this later as I kept comptemporaneous notes on the conversations with the call center.)

Oh and I also wrote the second year computer science programming exam I am studying through UNISA. I tested after the exam (Wednesday last week) and the count was 65k.

Above 50. Nice.

I tested on Monday this week.

My count was 285k.

How about that!

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