Super Sandra

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At the beginning of this year Sandra registered for Homeopathy at the DIT. She had a difficult time registering as she had not studied courses such as physics, chemistry and mathematics at the official requirement levels of the department. Eventually she got accepted as a “mature student” and was exempted from these requirements on that basis.

But the requirements are there for a reason, and many of her courses assumed knowledge she did not already have – and this meant she had to catch up this material.

But this was not the only obstacle she had to face.

English is not her mother tongue and suddenly she was attending a full days of lectures all week long in English.

She had to pass exams in English. She had to deal with oral exams in English. She had to write weekly tests and assignments in English.

In the beginning she would sit in lectures and struggle to understand what was being said, never mind understand the difficult content of subjects such as histology, radiology and anatomy.

Well she worked virtually every night until midnight. She sat with vast huge texts in dense academic English and pored over abstruse diagrams.

Well to her great glory and acclaim Sandra was awarded two distinctions, one second, and two thirds.

She got her distinctions in biology and philosophy. She got a second for Physics. And she got thirds for Chemistry and Anatomy.

Super Sandra!

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