Happy Holidays

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Well all over the world every body is celebrating. Tonight Sandra and I lit our Channukiah to celebrate the first night of Channukah.

There is a tradition that no work may be done whilst the candles burn; and I found sitting on the balcony whilst the candles burned and the rain whispered in the cold night strangely peaceful.

I was also thinking, seeing both Christmas and Channukah fall on the same day this year if I could see similarity in the traditions.

On the surface the traditions are clearly different. Channukah being about the redemption and rededication of the Temple after its desecration by the Greeks; and Christianity about the birth of their messiah.

And then I saw the similarity which lies in the seasonal timing of the festivals. Both festivals are celebrated during the winter equinox. During the longest, coldest and darkest nights of the year. And essentially at that moment when the night is darkest we celebrate hope and salvation as these are the longest nights. But they are also the moments when the darkness turns and starts getting lighter and warmer once more.

So season’s greetings to all my friends and family and may we all enjoy light and the warmth in the time to come.

Its all good.

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