Some pictures from Dubai and off to visit Mark and his wife

Self Portrait in Dubai
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I slept very well last night and woke up after nine in the morning. I had some hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Most of the morning was spent relaxing and reading. I am reading the Time Travellers Wife and it is extremely enjoyable reading. For lunch we had fish and vegetables and potatoes and salad and then I downloaded all our photos off our camera onto a CD so that we can take some more. Digital cameras are a lot easier to deal with than film cameras.

Later today we are going to go and visit a long time friend of Sandra, Mark; and his wife, Susanne. They recently got married and we have a wedding present for the newly weds that we bought at the BAT center in Durban.

I also have a slideshow of a couple of pictures we took whilst in Dubai. (Click here for slideshow)


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