Off to Balderschwang…

Well last night we took a GPS navigator with us to the find the way to Mark and Susanne and find the way home again.

Amazing. Turn left to 500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m. Turn left now!

Impossible to get lost with one of those things and they talk to you and everything. ubercool.

We spent the evening there, chatted, looked at their wedding photographs and then went out to supper with them at a nearby restaurant. It was difficult to find a dish that did not have pork in it somewhere! In the end I had a fillet with onion latkes and the beans (without the bacon sprinkles!)

We all woke up here at the crack of dawn so that we can begin the 8 hour drive as early as is decent. We will be driving in two cars. Walter the one and Martin the other. Which will be very soon. Sandra is calling me so I had better go help finish the packing.

So we are all off to Balderschwang.


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