In Switzerland after a wonderful relaxing week…

We arrived a few hours ago at the Grafs in Switzerland. We then were treated to a delicious meal filled with warmth and love. I have just excused myself from the lively talkative table to quickly write this note for those avid readers of this little place on the internet.

We drove up to Balderschwang in two cars. Martin and Doris in the one; and I and Sandra and Walter in the other. The drive was pleasant and comfortable. Slowly the surrounds got more and more white until we were surrounded by a winter wonderland. We arrived in the evening and went to sleep early (well at least I did.)

The next day was sunny and the sun was bright and hot and reflecting off the white snow everywhere. Sandra and Walter and Martin and Doris went off to ski and I spent the day lounging and reading. Occasionally venturing out onto the balcony to enjoy the sun and the view. There was a cross country snow track that passed quite close to the balcony of the house we were staying in; and I watched the different types. There were obviously experienced skiers that just glide; and there were the others (the majority) that looked a bit unsure of themselves and moved in jumps and starts. There were also a quite a lot of young teenagers. And there was the occasional sod that fell on the one dip I could see and then could not figure out how to stand up again. Sandra was destined to be one of those poor sods in a few days time when she decided to go cross country skiing. Eventually the Kelms returned from skiing and Sandra complained that every muscle in her body was in pain.

The next day the snow came down all day long. Walter and Doris went to Austria to help Andrea who had called saying there was strange smoke coming out of her car could someone come and help. Martin declared that this snow was perfect for snowboarding as the snow was soft due to the current snowing and went out to snowboard. Sandra and I spent the day warm and snug as bugs reading.

The following day was sunny and thus Walter and Doris went skiing again. Sandra and I (after getting very warmly wrapped up) went for a walk in the snow covered surrounds. We walked through the forest to a small restaurant in the mountains (not very up) where we had hot chocalate and shared a piece of home-made cake. We then walked back again. It was approximately a 5 kilometer walk.

That evening I cooked supper. I cooked a potato curry; I had accidenltly declared myself an excellent cook and Doris had said “Good, you will cook supper.” Luckily I know how to cook a basic curry; and it was delicious. Walter was at first very suspicious and at the beginning of dinner had said he was not hungry and would probably only have a little salad; but in the end he had two full helpings and declared the meal – “Good.”

The next day was a little overcast and we drove up to nearby nature walk along a river through a ravine. I think “ravine” is the right word. We walked under frozen waterfalls and all sorts of beautiful natural wonders. You have to pay entrance and the path is kept gravelled and there are fences and wooden balconies etc to allow one safety and at the same time the opportunity to view wonders of Nature.

The following day (Friday) Martin left with the one car back to Germany and Andrea and Rudiger arrived. I think I may have got some of the days mixed up but this definitely was Friday. Unfortunately although they brought their Wedding DVD and a laptop with them; the DVD would not play on the laptop – and we could only look at the pictures.

The next day, Saturday, I can not remember what I did. Probably read my book as I did a lot of the time. Walter was a bit amazed that I spent so much of the holiday indoors reading when I could be out in the snow. But I found the leisure and comfort to be able to read in such a spot one of the greatest luxuries I have had in the longest time. That evening we had raclette and conversation.

And then it was Sunday. Sandra and I did a short walk whilst the others skiied and then we met up for lunch. Andrea and Rudiger then went home and the rest of us stayed up late talking and chatting and telling stories of the last years.

This morning we left for Switzerland; in quite a crowded car and eventually arrived to the warm welcome I described at the beginning of this note which brings us to now.

We will spend the next two full days in Switzerland. Rémond has said that tomorrow he is not working which is good as that menas we will we doing something interesting with him tomorrow.

All is good…

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