Flu on Vinyl

I have a sore throat, a headache and the flue. I am a bit paranoid that it might bring my ITP out of remission. Yesterday I made home-made chumus myself for the first time. It was better than the chumus you can buy at Pick and Pay. (and cheaper and fresher with no preservative!) Thanks Graciela for the recipe in the book you sent me as a present! Much much better. I think thats because the Chumus at Pick and Pay is made Greek style and I prefer Arab/Israeli style. Durban has a sizeable Greek community. Israeli Chumus being one of my favourite tastes in the world, this acquiral of knowledge has lifted my spirits to the highest heavens. I can now make my own whenever I want.

Sandra is practising her violin in the background. I am going to go back to bed now (after eating delicious spinach and feta pie that I made yesterday!)

Go Cook Ilan Go!

Oh, and Margaret phoned me yesterday to tell me that her library was selling off all their vinyl records for R5 a shot – do I want any. They are in perfect mint condition because they were used as “masters”. I told her “Of course!” since I have three turntables (two are professional dj quality and one is a regular technics.) …and I prefer vinyl to CD. And mostly listen to vinyl anyways. I have to order new music through the internet as there are no places to buy new vinyl in Durban. I am of the firm belief that analog sound (due to it being a perfect sound wave) is richer than digital sound (being a chopped up digital simulation of a wave – kind of like the way one differentiates in calculus). Since the libary is in Pietermaritzburg and I can not get there; I told her to make me a selection including Miles Davis and Beethoven.

Thats quite exciting.

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