This morning I woke up and saw to my left a bundle of blankets that I decided not to disturb. First I lay for over an hour without moving staring at the ceiling trying to fall back to sleep. Then eventually… very very slowly… I inched my way off the bed… and then in the absolute darkness I searched for my tracksuit pants and my shoes; which was no easy task in the dark. Eventually I then, quiet as a mouse, slipped through a crack in the door – so no light could slip in. The bundle never stirred, never moved and most importantly did not get irritated and angry with me.

Very proud of myself I walked though the kitchen into the eating area and discovered Walter, Martin, Doris and Sandra all eating breakfast.


I spent most of the day watching BBC and CNN and listening to their commentary on the dramatic democratic revolution in the territories.


Well day is done, and we are packing to go homewards.

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