Bad Mazel Good Mazel

Well this morning I had bad mazel. Just low level bad mazel. I woke up went into the toilet and broke the toilet lid of the whatever-you-call-it. Well actually it started the night before when we saw that the toilet had started leaking water constantly – which is not good. I therefore jimmied the thingimajigi-a-ma-bobbie inside the top part of the toilet (you know – where the water and the plastic floating thingimajigi-a-ma-bobbie is …?…) so that water would not fill the whatever-you-call-it.

Oh… and my alarm went off this morning to wake us up to get to shul; but the volume was turned to zero. Does that count? If an alarm goes off and makes no sound – is it still an alarm? Anyways…. so I woke up late and in a daze wandered into and went to the toilet. And of course the toilet would not now flush. So I had to lift the top of the whatever-you-call-it and then something unmazeldik happened and it fell and broke.

My airconditioner also broke this week. Its hot in Durban.

Well its Purim soon and thats all about mazel… kind of approriate I guess.


oh… and later we realized we could have just turned off the tap that allows water to the whatever-you-call-it and if I had done that I would not have needed to jimmy the thingimajigi-a-ma-bobbie. Blech…

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