Nice and Warm

I have the flue, the doctor has confirmed my suspicions.

I am staying in bed for a few days now… I am nauseaus, headache, sore throat etc…

Ugg, the screen is making me feel dizzy.

Oh.. and Harry, I have lost another one and one half kilograms and I did not exercise every day this week. I have also changed my eating patterns too. No fizzy drinks at all, no crisps and chocalates inbetween meals. Inbetween meals whenever I feel hungry I drink a long tall glass of water. And for lunch, whatever Sandra has placed in my lunch box…

Right now, Sandra is watching Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston. I can hear the court room scenes happening now….

I am going to crawl back into bed.

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I am not sure if i know who i am.
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