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Well my little brother Stevie, a.k.a, intrepid adventurer the Steve, a.k.a, professional actor Mr Steven Pillemer; has done some interesting work over the last few years.

I have told him that I will see what I can do about helping get hold of various material that exists “out there” for his showreel.

So far… not had time to do much. There was a crisis at work and I had been called in to help “save the day.” I have a policy of not writing about work on my blog; so I will say no more except that the crisis involved over time and total focus on my part. As a side effect I have not done any tracking and phone calling yet.

Its a nice Sunday morning today. I have started reading The Fellowship of the Ring to Sandra. I have read her the prologue and the first chapter. It is delight, for both of us, now that her English is of the calibre to enjoy and understand the epic novel.

On my part I am reading Margaret Atwood’s collection of short pieces called The Tent. There is something very melancholic about how the stories thread together; and it seems to scratch away at today’s world with the screech of long haggish nails against a blackboard.

If the weather is good maybe we will go for a walk on the beach today.


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