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Busy busy busy. When I got back from my Oracle course in J’burg I hit the ground running. I had two assignments due in the last week and a half and I have not had a moment to breathe.

One thing which really affected my relationship with computers was my close exposure to POSIX standards when working with Oracle which was installed on a Red Hat Enterprise Server.

The course lecturer helped me find a suitable copy of Linux. SLES 9, which as you can see from my little picture to the right, I have successfully installed.

I have not yet installed Oracle on it yet though. But its more the *ix operating system that has me enthralled. I have been compulsively studying operating systems since the course (which is good since one of my courses is on Operating Systems) and am planning to install Mimix soon. Mimix stands for Mini Unix and is a very well written small operating system which was created purely to teach operating systems. So thats quite exciting.


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