This may not mean a lot to you…

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…but it means a great deal to me!

It shows that I have successfully installed an Oracle 10g database on a linux operating system.

I have been working on getting this running over the last couple of days. Now that I have done this I can start working on understanding the ins and outs of this latest version of the Oracle database so that in a few months time I can write the exam and upgrade my qualification from Oracle 9 OCP to Oracle 10 OCP as well.

And it is very important that I learn these skills on Linux. I have already built the basic Oracle skills in a Windows environment and it is now time that I develop the same skill and confidence in the more sophisticated environment of Linux. Since all the major database always run on a POSIX (or a mainframe which is similar) environment; only once I have mastered Oracle in this environment will I feel that I have Oracle DBA skills under my belt.

Finally, now that I have Oracle set up on Linux the basic steps are done; the spaceship has landed; and I can try do a little flying.

This makes me happy.


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