And I was not even surprised…

Last night at about 10 pm there was a lot of commotion in the house at 316 Cato Rd. Maurice was checking every drawer over and over again. Where could the friggin’ keys be? Jacky was planning on taking the car to go off towards Eshowe to visit an old friend. He had the directions; and he was checking for the keys. And where were they?

Well.. Sandra asked “Don’t you have a spare set of keys?”

And there were…. But no spare immobilizer. Car keys are not very useful if the car won’t start with them.

Eventually through a lot of discussion it was clear that the last time the car had been used it was by Stevie.


With some trepidation my father picked up the phone and called Cape Town.

“Hi Jonx…”
“Hi Dad.”
“You wouldn’t have the car keys for the Chico with you?
“I seriously doubt it Dad.”
“Could you just check..”
“Hmmm… well if they were anywhere they would be in Stevie’s bag which is in his car. And I don’t have keys for the car at the moment.”
“Well, can you figure that out, check and call me back.”

We keep searching and searching.

The phone rings again.

“Umm.. Dad.. Well. Umm…”

Yip. They had the keys. They took them with them to Cape Town!

My mother had smoke coming out of ears.

When I left last night, Jacky and my father were waiting for the Automobile Association (AA) to arrive to see if they could disconnect the immobilizer. If that succeeded they would still have needed to go to a locksmith this morning, before leaving, to get the petrol tank open!

I wonder if Jacky managed to get to Eshowe today?

And I was not even surprised…

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