A lion outside the window…

I am still not feeling that great… nevertheless I guess I will head back to work tomorrow.

Our new couch arrived today. Sandra was very umimpressed with the delivery guys and she thought they were going to damage the couch. They had immense difficulties getting it through the door. She complained really loudly about how incompetent they were and even phoned the boss and complained whilst they were struggling. Anyhow, eventually, without being damaged it got into the study and into its position. Its brown suede with a firm back. Not a couch for slouching in; rather a couch for reading and studying in.

She is complaining about feeling dizzy. Maybe she has picked up the bug… just in time for the first week of semester which begins next week (with registration on Friday!) She is in bed right now.

I dreamt about a lion wandering outside my lounge window in the garden. I was a bit concerned as I thought that was kind of dangerous. Especially as the window was open.

Of course in reality, I have no lounge with a window onto a garden as I live on the second floor in a flat. I have a view of a park with big trees and the occasional hobo.

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