Sandra is working hard at her 5000 piece puzzle. …

Sandra is working hard at her 5000 piece puzzle. She has been working at it for over a year now; and over the last week she has been highly determined in her puzzling. And she has now completed over half the puzzle. The weather yesterday was horrific when I drove home. The rain was pouring down cats and dogs and there had been many accidents. The roads were all jammed up. I found out today that Rabbi had been trying to get down Ridge road to shul and was caught in the traffic. He had had to drive onto the pavement to get out of the traffic; in order to get his car off the road before Shabat arrived! I had been caught in same traffic (albeit an hour earlier for an hour and half); and I could see it was getting worse and worse at that time. (I was stuck for half an hour in the middle of an intersection with cars hooting at me continuously). Once I was at home I relaxed and enjoyed the sound of the pouring rain. When you able to inside and comfortable I find the sound of rain very comforting. I saw Steven on TV this week! Stevie made it onto one of the most popular South African tv programmes. Its a candid camera type production in which the “team” plays pranks on celebrities. Stevie was part of the team playing a prank on the South Africa Springbok scrum half – Neil de Kock. I laughed out loud .


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