I am going to get a bit smaller, by the end of this blog. I am a computer programmer and I am sure I can work out how to bend this blogger website to my desires… I know I can I know I can…

At half past midnight last night I was writing into every Saturday entry in my 2005 diary : “cut fingernails…” I bet very few people in the world would consider doing something like that in the wee hours of the morning.

Today at work, I got a phone call from Sandra. She said that the dryer was making a sound like this “Wherloolsp”. She imitated the sound to me over the phone and then asked me what I thought I should be done about it. I thought maybe she should call the shop that sold it to us; and make the sound for them.

I went to a new petrol station this morning. In general I am very particular about my petrol station. I always like going to the same petrol station; and I do not like going to unknown petrol stations. But on the way to work my car went beeep and said please fill up with petrol. I decided I should brave the unknown and I took an Amanzimtoti turn off and went to a petrol station I have never been to before. I did not like it much. I much prefer my normal petrol station.

I need to work out how to make my font smaller and smaller and smaller as I feel my letters have been way to big. But Maybe this is too small. hmmmm.

It must not be too small but it was much too big before and it felt childish

and it felt childish and it felt childish and it felt childish and it felt childish

Perhaps I should stick to this size for while and see how it feels.

I knew I could I knew I could …

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