The Purple Cow Tournament…

I just received the following email for an idea I submitted ages ago… and after watching it for a while – thought no-one had liked it. Well looks like its popularity increased unbeknownst me!

That’s right ilAn,

Your idea Pandora’s Secrets has been selected for the big show – the Purple Cow Tournament!

How it works

Every month 16 of the top community ideas are selected to compete in the upcoming tournament. Each week, ideas are paired off to battle one another with the winner advancing, and the loser dropping out. After four weeks, the top idea will emerge and is declared the tournament winner.

What’s in it for the winner?

Besides the obvious fame and glory from winning such a prestigious tournament, winners will be forever immortalized in the Hall of Champions on the as well earning a Cambrian House Market Test.

Next steps

Prepare your idea for battle. Check your title. Double check your description and inspiration to make sure they are as compelling as possible.

Good luck!

Make sure you tell your friends and family your brain child is in the tournament and get their support. All they have to do is register:

And then vote!

The honor is all ours. Best of luck in the tourney.

Your tournament host – JR

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