my tooth hurts

Last night of my Fedora Core 5 installation I upgraded my kernel to the latest stable kernel release; in order to make use of its better abilities to work with my ATI graphic chip. I also had to install the source for the latest kernel in order to build and link in the ndiswrapper module for my wireless.

I just was at the dentist, where for 1 and 1/2 hours he did things to my teeth. Its sore. He also gave me the quote for all the work that needs to happen due to damage I did to my teeth. I think I cracked one or something. Two crowns are needed. I already have four crowns. Its not cheap. In fact its so expensive its depressing. But I think medical aid will cover most of it.

I am also hungry, but my mouth is too numb for eating anything. Useful thing the mouth. If you don’t know I had a car accident last week. I hit the back of someone else’s car when there was a sudden traffic stoppage in the fast lane of the freeway. I am now driving a hired car. The spares to repair my car were meant to arrive tomorrow, so hopefully I will have my car back. I miss the car. I am still hungry; I suspect I am going to get more hungry as the day progresses.

Great start to 2007!

And then this Sunday…. my 3 year wedding anniversary!

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