Letter to The Expert

I asked the fish for advice to-day. Below is a copy of my email.

Hi fish,

I have recently begun personal blogging. Four years ago I used to write personal blogstyle emails on a daily basis. They all disappeared when burglars broke into my home. Well my parents’ home. I was living at home again at the time; and I promise I have good explainable reasons. I am now living in my own home with a wife and everything. So I really am not going to get into why I was not then; especially since you probably don’t really care that much anyways.

anyways… I was wondering if you could give me any pointers in what direction to go in terms of designing a good layout. I am currently using Blogger. Is that a good choice? Is there a better one? You have been nominated as one of the best personal bloggers currently doing her/his thing; so you are The Expert (…Congratulations, by the way…) And if anyone can give me a good bloggerly advice, you are The Man ( or The Fish who is getting an iPod.)

I also really want an iPod. But I can not find the excuse to spend the money on it yet. My wife really wants an iPac. I figure that when I manage to save enough money for her iPac; I then can save towards my iPod. There is definitely a sense of “If you get something I should also get something” kind of ethos that revolves around expensive nice consumer stuff spending acts in our lives.

Anyways…. I know your blog is an advice-free zone; but any tips from your experience that culminated in your nomination as one the Best Blogs Ever would be, at least read and thought about.

— ilAn

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