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Ahhh. Now I know how to get a picture into the blog. This is a picture from many years ago of me and my brothers. Thats me on the far right with the green pants.

I just got a phone call from Sandra from the DIT. She said registration went fine at the first part (the Homeopathy Department) but when she arrived at the second desk the people there would not register her because she did not have some kind of translation of her school leaving documents. She has already been through all the interviews and stuff and had been clearly accepted. There is a bureaucrat that is confused. She has now gone back to the HOD of the Homeopathy department and he is making phone calls. I told her perhaps she should point out that she is 29 and get through the system as a mature student. The bureaucrat can click that checkbox and solve her problem… Thats what I suggested. Sandra sounded frustrated and a bit in shock; as she was caught by surprise by the nasty bureaucrat. The last time I spoke to her she was sitting outside the Homeopathy Department confused. She then said that the HOD walked past her and promised he was about to phone.

I just phoned her now again. It sounds like there are really painful people she has to deal with. Anyway she is being provisionally registered until she brings something stating what she has is equivalent to something. Geez. She has a degree in Social Work already. How shameful!

I just spoke to Sandra again. She has now got hold of mature age exemption forms and the Homeopathy secretary has sent her scurrying to the registration desk again (with the exemption forms) because the nasty bureaucrat has gone on lunch. I also realised that Greg works at the Technikon. I called his office and spoke to his secretary. He is a person of authority at the DIT and knows how the system works there so if I can get him to meet up with Sandra she will get a power-up and maybe will be able to get past the nasty bureaucrat. But he was at a meeting. I left a long message and Sandra’s phone number with the secretary. I then spoke to Sandra whilst she was scurrying in the nasty bureaucrat’s lunch time moments – and told her to find Greg to get a power-up; if the lunch-time gambit fails. Fun and games!

I spoke to Sandra again. Apparently she succeeded at getting registered by the lunch-time manouevre. Hurray for lunch-times! And now she is off to get her student card created. I think I am going to take my lunch-time break now in celebration. She is still having other problems since her name has been spelt wrong and they are not accepting her permanent residence as proof of this; and want a certified copy of her marriage certificate. Also there is R2000 fee she has to pay. Orignially it was R1600 and then later became R2000. We paid the R1600 and then later R400 more. But now they can not find the R400 in their records! We have a deposit reference number that does not seem to aid them. Anyway this issue is apparently not critical to registratinon.

I wonder if she is going to end up with a student card with her name spelt wrong on it?

Yup…. I was right. Anyways, registered under the wrong name with a student card with her name spelt wrong; Sandra just phoned tired and exhausted. She says she is calling a taxi to go home – once she has worked out where exactly she actually is.

She got home eventually to find out that there was no electricity in our building. And today has been a stifling hot day in Durban. Hee Hee.

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