its hot in here with the door closed…

Sandra and I have been studying all evening in the study. Its hot in here without air-conditioning and the door closed. Under normal circumstances the door into a stuffy study would be open. But in the middle of the night Sandra woke up and could not fall asleep. She had read somewhere that the smell of lavendar can help one relax and fall asleep.

In fact Wikpedia says:-

It was used in hospitals during WWI to disinfect floors, walls and other surfaces. Lavender is soporific, and added to bath water or sprinkled on pillows aids relaxation and sleep.

And she had some lavendar oil – so she decided to put a little oil in her pillow…

… well in the middle of the night I woke up to a pungent smell and a distressed wife. Well, we had to change all the sheets and linen and swap the mattress and turn on the air-conditioning full blast in an attempt to make the air in the bedroom breathable. The lavendar rich mattress is now in the corridor directly outside the door to the study. In order to be able to breathe whilst studying the door had to be left closed despite the humid stuffy heat of a sultry durban night.


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  1. Dave@work says:

    Is that why you are off sick today? Catching up on your sleep?

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