All fluey, poor little me…

On Friday I started feeling twinges of not so niceness; and decided to take it easy and not to go to shul. On Shabbat I did not move out of bed, hardly at all… On Sunday I spent most of the day in bed hoping that I would be cured the next morning. I did spend 2 hours each night working on my assignment though; but I could not manage more without feeling dizzy. The stuffiness of the study did not help. Sandra meanwhile has a test tomorrow morning and her anxiety is growing.

This morning I woke up to a headache, glassy eyes, and a horrible cough. So I made an appointment with the doctor and crossed my fingers that my platelet count is not dropping and hospital only a few hours away. As this is what happened the last time I caught the flu.

Sandra meanwhile drove for the first time to the Technikon by herself today. This is a watershed moment; as it means dealing with real traffic in the area. She successfully got herself to lectures and back again.

I went to the doctor and took a platelet count, and thank heaven, the count was approximately 270. Which is wonderful. She has prescribed me antibiotics – specifically Augmentin – and has told me to spend today and tomorrow taking it easy; and only to return to work on Wednesday. I am not allowed to take generics as apparently the binding agent in the generics may have bad effect on me!

Today is Yom HaAtzmaut. Which means I can shave as I consider it to be the dawning of our redemption. This belief has been approved by the chief rabbinate and its only Haredim and Chassidim that do not follow it. Jews who don’t believe it is the dawning of our redemption need to wait until Sunday the 6th May before shaving. I, and others like me who believe that this day is the dawning of our redemption, can not shave again from tomorrow until Lag Ba’omer (6th May) as once again we are mourning for the hate in the world between man and man.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    shame lil ilAn, hope that augmentin helps fight off the bacteria… i on the other hand get sick when i take it… get better soon!

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