MAT111N has been one of those repeating frustrations. I have registered for it three times already in the past; and never… never… never managed to get the first assignment in. And then realising that as the work piled up, and other, “more important” courses took priority I would not be able to cope with it – I have had to repeatedly deregister for it…

Well…. “NO MORE!” I cried. And I closed my eyes, and then opened them again so I could see, and grabbed my latex2e manual and registered for it again. I do not even need it to complete my degree; but I could not bear the idea of MAT111N sniggering at me as I lay beatan and broken on the ground.

And with eyes blurred with synthetic divisions and Upper Bound theorems and radians and polynomials and DeMoivre and a load of spinning mathetmatic symbols I completed the 17 page assignment in beautiful clear readable fonts and submitted it 5 minutes ago.

I now sit here… proud and defiant with my head held high and MAT111N cowering before my Latex2e Manual.


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