Getting Settled

Well I have been finding my way around this WordPress blogging technology. I had to download a plug-in, and then do some editing of the .php files in order to get my list of blogs on the top right of my side bar – which I know my mother wanted. But it was all pretty straight-forward and I have now come right.

Any thoughts on what should be done with my layout to make any of my readers happy would be appreciated. I want to sort out my layout; and then not worry about it again for a while. Just click on the comments option; and tell me what you want to see. Hopefully the majority of requests (if any!) will be accommodated.

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I am not sure if i know who i am.
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2 Responses to Getting Settled

  1. Goldy says:

    I am a TypePad user myself… but wordpress rocks. It gets easier!

  2. You can play around with the colour scheme of this theme if you like the theme. Go into Presentation and somewhere in there is a theme editor which allows you to change the colours of the header.

    You can also try different themes. Upload them to your /wp-content/themes folder and they will appear in your Presentation menu. Click on the image and it will activate your theme. The K2 theme is very flexible and easy to customise (you use a drag and drop interface instead of editing the page code directly) and you can use different styles for the K2 theme to change the look and feel of it while retaining the K2 functionality.

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