Irritating Afrigator Bug

I have now sent this error report to Afrigator. Lets see if they resolve.


I originally created my blog as I have since migrated my blog to

I have changed the information in my blog profile. Both the name and the feed.

But this information has not filtered through into your system. Your links to my posts are pointing to the old location that no longer works.. and you are not picking up my new posts.

This is frustrating me; and appears to be a bug.
I thought maybe I could delete my blog and recreate it in order to work around the problem; but no such option exists!

Please Help!

Kind Regards,
Ilan Pillemer

[Addition: May 06 2007] I have since had a reply from Afrigator. (They replied on May 03 2007.)

Hi Ilan

This is a slight bug on our part and will be fixed with the next major release in the next week or so. In the meantime I will update the aggregation side to pickup your new feeds and once done I’ll send you mail to confirm.


However, this major release they have promised has not yet happened – and they have not updated their aggregation site to pickup my new feed which is probably why I have not received mail to confirm.

Oh well…. it’s now 6 May 2007 and still no new posts of mine are begin picked up by Afrigator.

How irritating and frustrating!

[Addition 7 May 2007] My feed has now been added; and my new posts are now showing up on Afrigator – as can be seen by this link – and Justin apologises and explains the delay in a comment on this post.

All is now good (for me at least.) Thank-you Justin!

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2 Responses to Irritating Afrigator Bug

  1. So did they respond?

  2. Hi Ilan

    Apologies firstly for the lack of response to your bug with Afrigator. Secondly I’d like to defend Afrigator in terms of your issues experienced as the bug isn’t Afrigator’s fault but rather mine.

    My email sent you on 3 May explained that because of this bug we’d have to update your feed manually and since I am the only technical minded person in the operation I would have had to do it.

    The problem however is that due to various full-time work commitments I would have only been able to update this feed on Friday morning and low and behold Friday I found myself calling into the office sick as a dog and have largely been in bed since then.

    There was every intention to get your issue resolved however life has a way of dealing you a different set of cards.

    In terms of the major release I think you may have been under the wrong impression. I said that the major release would happen in the next week or so meaning that one week or more might pass before this happened. Seeing as only 3 days has passed it might be prudent to hold on till we send out that email to inform you guys of the new developments.

    In the meantime I have now (finally) update your feed.

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