Ever wanted to own a hexadecimal 128 bit number?

Well.. over at boingboing.net there is a hilarious post on why, if you don’t already have one, you need to hurry up in getting sorted as they are going fast. And here is a link to a specialised machine for generating one for you.

As Corey says: (and others)

Last week, the AACS consortium made history by issuing legal threats against the 1.8 million web-pages (and counting) that mentioned its secret code for preventing HD-DVD discs from being copied.

Be aware you may be sued not only if you write down the answer to ApeLad’s puzzle, but even if it is discovered that you have solved it. Link.

Here is a link to the a post that gives a detailed account on how this number was found by the man who found it. Note this number allows for the “cracking” of all HD-DVD and BluRay discs released so far… and if you were worried he did anything untoward to discover this number

Nothing was hacked, cracked or even reverse engineered btw: I only had to watch the “show” in my own memory. No debugger was used, no binaries changed.

As an aside I have a particular fondness for boingboing as my nickname when I was a first-year student at UCT was boingboing because I used to boingboingboingboing up and down the stairways in Smuts hall when I was living there.


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