Well Stevie is off to London…

Well Stevie has left for London and as a good luck and good adventure gift I have set up a new blog for him… check it out and follow his adventures in London here

Stevie is an up and coming director, actor and playright. His plays have received excellent reviews all around the country and he has had parts in a number of movies. You may have even noticed him as one of the “sucker squad” on M-Net’s “Laugh Out Loud.”

He is an amazing writer… and has a deeply cynical humour that can result in even the most bitter old misanthrope rolling on the floor laughing…

In fact, right now, today one of his plays is showing at the Obs Theatre in Cape Town. (Well worth attending if you can still get tickets.)

Obz Cafe
Contact details: 021 448 0649

Women, Man
2 May – 19 May
Written and directed by Steven Pillemer, ‘Women, Man’ stars award-winning actors Martinus van der Berg, Mark Elderkin, Mbulelo Grootboom, Clyde Berning and Vaneshran Arumugam. It deals the various issues of longing and love that a woman can stir in the breast of a man. The play is sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes painful and sometimes wonderfully uplifting, but always truthful.

Stevie has commented on his play here.

The Tonight has done a review on it here.

And I really need to do some studying….


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