Adii proves Bullard correct.. (or immorality in the South African Blogosphere)

Adii has decided to take up cybersquatting as an opportunistic money-making strategy…

As he said…

Well, firstly I figured that if Bullard had neglected to register the domains, he might come knocking on my door and I’d make a quick buck from it. But secondly, I believe that the page on those domains, will be serve as a great influx of traffic to my own blog, since everyone that Googles “bullog” should get and domains at the top of the search results.

And he as also indicated a jealousy of the scum that went and bought 100s of Super 14 rugby tickets so that they could scalp them illegally.

ilAn – you make me laugh so loud. You one of Bullard’s “people” that he sent her to persuade me to sell the domain or give it away or something!? It’s a domain name bro – haven’t heard of any immoral acts with a domain name, maybe with a sheep (Oz) or a cow (Boston Legal Season Two), but never a domain name.

Stop pissing about – I can’t stop laughing. You’re basically saying I shouldn’t but the last available tickets to the Super 14 Final this weekend, just because I know that someone else (a lot of someone else’s) wanted them as well!?

Plus I didn’t only buy the domain for the POSSIBILITY of selling it to Bullard. I also bought it to take a ride on his name and reputation and get a bit more traffic to my blog.

Aargh, go back to Bullard and tell him the first tactic of discrediting my tactic didn’t work.

Ridiculous… cybersquatting to sell someone his only trademark.. and then also to act like a parasite for traffic…

He has published my comment on his morality… here is my quote of him quoting me (and his response) – which is followed by my response here in this post.

This is a quote from Ilan Pillemer on that post:

Its immoral to take someone’s domain name just to sell it to them. Its ugly and not a decent way to behave.

Now I consider myself a decent guy, but

Immoral I say… Definitely… and no “buts”.

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3 Responses to Adii proves Bullard correct.. (or immorality in the South African Blogosphere)

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  2. Adii says:

    Not worried… Thanks for the traffic you’re sending to my blog.

  3. Stii says:

    Anything for a couple of hits, eh? Shees, if it wasn’t so funny it would probably have been sad…

    BTW, Ilan, I love this theme!

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