Strange Carrot Slug

I heard a cry from the balcony this evening for me to come and identify a strange looking creature on the floor. It was ugly and kind of disgusting looking. At first I thought maybe it was a dead orange slug but upon closer inspection, and a squeamish prod with my finger, decided it was a very old rotten half-of-a-carrot. When asked where it had come from, since it had not been there earlier, I shrugged my shoulders and refused to speculate. Sandra later suggested maybe it fell out of the apron she had cleaned today. Perhaps it did, perhaps it did not. Perhaps it was not a carrot…

I have lost another kilogram this week. And I did not even exercise at all this week (since I was ill). I exercised today for the first time in a week and a half. I think perhaps my changes to my eating patterns (I am not on a diet) are also having the desired effects.

We had my borscht for supper tonight but decided to exclude the sour cream (since we have none in the fridge.) Sandra enjoyed it; saying it was much better than the borscht my mother makes. This is truth.

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