Honolulu Mesh

Honolulu Mesh

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After spending hours on this feeling like my mind was going to turn into spaghetti, finally I got it working…. I spent 5 hours last night getting nowhere (well I guess learning what was wrong with everything I did)… all I had was this text file of elevation values for Honolulu with no explanation of how the text file represented these values and I had to use that file to create a mesh plot of the geography of Honolulu.

Well first I had to work out what the dimensions were (465 by 435 if you were wondering…) and then I had to tell which was being provided first in the text file – columns and rows. But there was a small problem, because the elevation values were too fine even when I got it right, I did not know it because the mesh display was overdefined… But I thought I would be able to see when I got it right (stupidly in retrospect) – and thus only after I had worked out how to sample the data and how to position the viewing point correctly, could I work out how to read the data. Awrggghhhhh…. Anyways I got it working eventually. I suppose it is a 3rd year course and I plan to graduate this year; so I should be pleased its requires such mindbending frustration as it make the degree more worthwhile… But I am so relieved, for a while there I thought I was not going to succeed. [Update: June 04] Thomas Ludwig aka Lycium aka Fractographer thinks that I have been two-faced by not pointing out that he had already posted the x y resolution; and that I was two-faced when I had facetiously told him “it was in the book” after he had asked no-one to tell him “it was in the book” especially since it was not actually in the book.

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