My mother tells me that Stevie…

My mom says:

Steven has a job for three months in Scotland and is already on his way to a small hotel on a island in Scotland –

It is the Lochranza Hotel on the Isle Of Arran – he hopes to learn a bit of Gaelic and retrun with a Scottish accent.

THe Isle of Arran rests in the Firth Of Clyde and access is per ferry from Ardrossan in Ayrshire to Brodick.

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2 Responses to My mother tells me that Stevie…

  1. Walton says:

    It’s a nice place, I’ve been there, but not really Gaelic speaking territory.

    He should check out Holy Isle, a small island off the coast of Arran owned by Tibetan Buddhists.

  2. Ken Young says:

    Be thankful that Stevie is in Lochranza in the summer. Because of the shape of the landscape parts of the village do not get any sirect sunshine in the depths of winter.

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