Natal Settlers….

Im sitting quietly studying the theory of computer graphics when..

*ring* *ring*

I notice Sandra is not answering; so I get up and rush towards the phone to try and get there before its cuts out to voice mail. Its not easy; unlocking doors and moving in the dark.

*ring* *ring*

Me – “Hello”

Schnorrer – “Hi. Is that Mr Pillemer?”

Me – “Yes. Who is this?”

Schnorrer – “Hi. I am calling from the Natal Settlers can I have a moment of your time?”

Me – “No. I am about to eat supper.”

Schnorrer – “Can I call you back in an hour?”

Me – “No. Please don’t call me.”

Schnorrer – “You are such an arse!” (slamming phone down or me!) .

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I am not sure if i know who i am.
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One Response to Natal Settlers….

  1. gabriel says:

    hi there, my name is Gabriel and I had a similar experience with the natal settlers guy- Keith. He actually told me that he knows were I stay. I wonder if the guy is representing natal settlers or he is just nor wrigt up there?
    I am going to contact natal settlers to see what is the story.

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