Dear Ilan

I understand the frustration as a result of the
non-processing of your Honours registration,
there is only one reason for the delay which is not
really from your side but from our side. Since you
wrote your final modules in Oct/ Nov 2007, our system
does not automatically update your records to
indicate you have completed your degree.

A manual verification process has to follow to
verify every single detail to ensure nothing has
been missed regarding your degree, e.g. whether your
degree is Cum laude or distinction etc, our system does
not have such functionality to pick this minor details and
it have to be done by hand. As a result the system treat
your degree as incomplete, when ever we try to
register you for honours it will not go through since it will
require a bachelors degree as an admission requirement.

This verification process is normally completed by end January.
I copied this e-mail to relevant people who deals with this
verifications and hopefully they will respond promptly to the
urgency you are treating this registration and the circumstances
surrounding this urgency.

I understand is frustrating but it has to be done.

I trust you will find the above in order.




Thanks for explaining what is preventing the Honours registration from

As you know, I need to start getting into the studies as soon as
possible due to the fact that I will be having my first born child
arrive in March. Therefore in order to manage my time I need to start
getting into the material yesterday! If I don’t start soon as I am
sure anyone will appreciate that in March, April and May I will not be
getting much sleep; and consequently this could effect my study time.

If this delay is truly unavoidable; is there any way I could get
copies of the tutorial letters so I can buy the relevant text books
and start getting into the material needed to complete the first

I am sure if you look at my marks it is likely that I haved completed
the Bsc with cum laude and therefore I doubt there is any confusion
about my eligibility for the registration; and that it simply being
held up by the bottle neck of the manual process you have described.

So, if I can get some official list of text books to buy; that at
least would allow me to get going now – and cheer me up immensely.

Thanks again for taking the time to look into my problem and inform me
of what is causing it.

Kind regards,
Ilan Pillemer
Student#: 3257-495-9

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