The Pillemers are at home…

Tonight Orli and Denzil came over for an evening visit. They have not seen the apartment in over a year and its been through quite a lot of changes since then. I painted the study, we have new furniture for the study etc etc. We chatted, laughed, drank coffee and listened to music. We also discovered we have a favourite restaurant in common (Mama Luciana’s).

All in all, it was quite a plesant evening.

So this week has been quite a social week. On Monday night we went for a braai at Ralph and Maria’s; and tonight we had company.

Since we got married, Sandra and I have been quite introverted. I wonder if this is a beginning of becoming a little more extroverted in our lifestyles.

I am making slow progress at converting my pencil solutions to the TeX format for my maths assignment. But if its finished by the end of the weekend I will be satisfied. If its not I will be quite frustrated.

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