squamous cuboidal

I don’t know what squamous cuboidals are but Sandra has been going through terminology that she has learnt for anatomy.

And every now and then she says things like “Squamous Cuboidal”.

I go “Exuse me?”

She says “Squamous cuboidal.”

I go “Oh. Just checking…”

I did try and help her understand ionisation; and that an acid is a proton donor.

A what? A proton donor….

What’s that. Thats something that is giving out protons to all and sundry.

Oh. And why is an acid a proton donor?

Because when ionised it produced the H+ ion.

Yah? So….?

Well, Hydrogen is made of one electron and one proton. So if it becomes a anion then it no longer has an electron. And therefore is just a proton?

Just a proton?


So something that when something happens to it, releases H+, is a proton donor, is an acid.




Could you explain that again?

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