Quit Smoking

My brother-in-law Martin, tells me he is no longer going to smoke cigarettes. He is going to kick the habit.

I used to chain-smoke cigarettes. I quit smoking on the 8th December 2002.

The trick, for me, was to decide to quit no matter what. I do know that the times I failed to quit was when I gave myself “excuses”.

For example, I would say – I am stressed; I will quit when there is less stress.

All that resulted from that, was that I then created an environment which encouraged stress.

But if you do not provide yourself with “escape clauses” then you do not try an create an environment where such “escape clauses” would apply.

I know that I was heavily addicted to nicotine.
I know that I quit by a decision of will.
I know once I had firmly and unequivocably made the decision – it was easy.

Anyways, I am quite proud of no longer being a slave to nicotine; and wasting my money on buying a product; that, when used correctly, will kill me.

Martin, I believe it is an excellent decision on your part to stop the cigarettes.

I succesfully quit.

My brother Robbie quit.

It is not difficult if you put your will into it.

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